TONIA®, founded in 2019, is a Made in Italy brand founded by Antonia Tramontano, who serves as creative director for the brand.

It is built on long-standing expertise and made of highly developed professional skill and knowledge.
These are the reasons her bags, proudly designed and produced in the South of Italy, speak of tradition and innovation, simplicity and refinement, portraying a timeless femininity.

But above all, a great love story.

It is the story of a little girl and her grandfather, the masterful artist and designer Aldo Tramontano, who, in the ‘50s and ‘60s in Naples, gave shape to an original way of working leather.

It is the story of a leather-craft workshop, where the workers’ unrestrained chatter, the neurotic ticking of the sewing machines, the penetrating smell of the glue, the colourful leather clippings scattered around the floor, were, in the eyes of that little girl, a fairy tale-like world. A world she never stopped loving even now that she is grown.

As a tribute to her beloved grandfather is the logo of the brand – The eight-petal flower he envisioned and painted especially for her.